Fukuma Advogados & Consultores

Patrícia Fukuma

Over 20 years of experience in the regulatory-sanitary area.

Bachelor of Laws from the Law School of the Catholic University of São Paulo – PUC/SP with specialization in Consumer Relations Law also at PUC/SP. Counsellor of Brazilian Association of Special Purposes and Similar Food Industries – ABIAD; Advisor of Biotechnology Information Board – CIB; Counsellor of Brazilian Laboratorial Diagnosis Chamber – CBDL; President of Brazilian Institute of Education
for Food Consumption – IBCA; Member of Bioethics Commission of the Order of Attorneys of São Paulo – OAB/SP for two years.

From 2001 to 2003, was the president of the sub-commission on food affairs of the Consumer Protection Commission of the Order of Attorneys of São Paulo – OAB/SP.

From 1992 to 2002, legal manager of the Legal Department of the Brazilian Association of Food Industries – ABIA, acting in the areas of sanitary law, particularly in the segment of foods, legal metrology, consumer rights and biotechnology.

Responsible for liaison and interchange of the entity with the bodies related to consumer protection, the Ministry of Health (ANVISA), MAPA, Ministry of Justice and the National Technical Commission on Biosafety.

In the area of Biotechnology, she coordinated the edition of the books: “Genetically Modified Foods – Food and Environmental Safety”; and “Biotechnology – a legal approach”.

Several articles published about regulatory-sanitary area, consumer, food and biotechnology.