Fukuma Advogados & Consultores

Consumer Protection and Defense

  1. Consulting
    • Consumer Protection Code (State and Municipal PROCONs, Consumer Protection Department – SDE/DF, NGOs, Publics Attorney’s Office – Federal and State, Publics Ministries – Federal and State, Special Civil Courts and Ordinary Court);
    • Orientation and follow-up of procedures in conciliatory audiences (State and Municipal PROCONs, Publics Attorney’s Office – Federal and State and Special Civil Courts);
    • Orientation and follow-up in procedures and disclosures of NGOs and Civil Society Organizations of Public Interest – OSCIPs;
    • Orientation for procedures in Terms of Adjustment of Civil Conduct;
    • Elaboration of informative material and orientation;
    • Assistance and technical support in recall procedures;
    • Assistance and technical support in the event of ‘accidents of consumption’ (preventive and compensatory action);
    • Consumer Protection Code (compliance with labeling; publicity; consumer rights; company liabilities; consumer claims, and more);
    • Elaboration of legal opinions on the above mentioned issues;
    • Advisory to Customer Support and Ombudsman departments concerning claims that require special actions or analysis;
    • Analysis of User Guide and Manuals;
    • Assistance and technical support in publicity, promotional flyers and product packaging and labeling;
    • In-company training and improvement courses on the Consumer Protection Code and strategies to deal with consumer’s claims;
    • Preparation of guides to be used by the Customer Support.
  2. Administrative Procedures
    • Elaboration of defense and appeals in infraction notices from PROCONs and Department for Consumer Protection and Defense – DPDC – SDE/MJ;
    • Elaboration of defense and appeals in supported claims formulated with the PROCONs and Consumer Protection Departments – DECONs;
    • Follow-up and elaboration of defense and appeals in notices and/or infraction notices from PROCONs, DECONs, Publics Attorney’s Office – Federal and State and Special and Ordinary Courts;
  3. Litigations/Lawsuits
    • Assistance in consumer law, indemnity suits, moral injury and more.