Fukuma Advogados & Consultores

Biosafety Legislation

  • Consulting and advising in biosafety legislation for GMO and GMO byproducts approval within CTNBio;
  • Consulting and advising in biosafety legislation on the drafting of documents regarding proceedings within CTNBio;
  • Guidance on application for conclusive technical opinion of CTNBio;
  • Elaboration of opinions and orientation on biosafety legislation and its inter-relationship with other laws from MAPA, MMA and ANVISA;
  • Elaboration of opinions on judicial aspects involving biotechnology in their most varied facets;
  • Orientation and elaboration of the necessary documents to comply with the legislations of MAPA, Environment Ministry – MMA and ANVISA in reference to issues involving GMOs and derivatives;
  • Legal counseling on all aspects related labeling norms for foods that contain or are made of genetically modified organisms.